Medical procedures of any kind can be daunting thoughts, especially when they involve broken bones or fractures. However, most medical procedures like MRIs and X Rays are necessary to see what’s wrong and come up with a medical remedy.

By the time you need an x ray in Vernon, you are likely already in a great deal of pain from a possible fracture or break. Ergo, you don’t have much time to mentally prepare or soothe your mind from the fear of this medical procedure. This is why, in this article, you will learn how best to mentally prepare yourself to have an X-Ray in half an hour or less.

Ask Questions to Calm Your Mind

The more you know about the procedure, the more at ease you will feel. Ask plenty of questions to put your mind at ease. Good doctors and nurses will try to help you remain calm.

Request Medication to Relax Your Muscles and Nerves, if Possible

Some X Rays require you to be completely lucid and medication-free. Most, however, don’t have that requirement, so feel free to request medication to calm yourself.

Close Your Eyes and Distract Yourself with Something Else

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Are you excited about anything in the near future? Do you have things to plan for? Is there a favorite song you love? Think of all of those things. Distract your mind.

Ask a Support Person to Hold Your Hand Throughout the Procedure

Some hospitals allow you to bring a support person with you into the X-Ray room. However, for those that don’t, you can ask for a nurse to hold your hand or pat your shoulder through the procedure.

Having an X-Ray isn’t as big a deal as your mind may make it out to be. However, it can still be scary, and that’s why you should try to prepare yourself beforehand. It’ll be over quickly.