Basements are versatile and provide more space to any home. People use basements for many purposes, ranging from in-law suites to kid play rooms and other purposes. They work wonderfully for most any purpose, however, problems can arise if mold and mildew become a part of the scene. Mold and mildew cause health issues and look unsightly, but they love to breed in the basement. What can you do to keep mold and mildew away?

Here are a few ways to mold proof the basement.

1- Use ‘Mold-Proof’ Materials

Some materials are better suited for building in the basement than others. Make sure all of your basement contains these items if you want fewer worries and headaches.

2- Use a Dehumidifier

One of the best ways to keep the basement free of mold and mildew is to eliminate the moisture altogether. You can do this by running a dehumidifier in the basement. Many homeowners run two or three dehumidifiers, depending on the size of the basement. This product pulls moisture from the air and keeps it more comfortable for everyone. Plus, it stops mold and mildew breeding so there are fewer worries day and night.

3- Proper Ventilation

Stale, stagnant room air can become prone to mildew growth. Keep the room with plenty of air flowing through it using fans or window air conditioners in the basement. Some people also use evaporation units.

These tips are only the start of ways to keep mildew and mold out of your basement. Use them to your advantage!

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